Lab Testing

CBD Organix believes in providing the highest quality products to our customers.

We proudly offer a certificate of analysis (COA) with every product offered. We live by a three-tiered assurance standard when testing our formulations. The three tiers consist of harvest maturity, quality testing, and compliance testing.

Harvest maturity starts on the farm. This process measures the compliance of the crop itself being used to exact the CBD from. Samples are collected as early as 30 days prior to harvest to ensure we are only extracting from the best of the best.

Quality testing provides an overview of the actual CBD compound profile, terpene profile, water activity, and residual solvent analysis. This ensures that not only are we producing the highest quality CBD, but you are only ingesting the highest quality CBD.

Compliance testing goes the extra mile with full transparency providing a pesticide screening, mycotoxin analysis, and tests for heavy metals.